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Freeola complements fast, reliable UK dial-up and broadband connections with unrivalled free services - including unlimited free web space and free e-mail. To try out our service, just sign up free. Establish a free web site or multiple e-mail accounts quickly and easily, at your domain or any of Freeola500's free domains. To register a domain name with free web hosting, visit (part of Freeola).
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Freeola BT Broadband ADSL. Cheap broadband with 24/7 internet connection, FREE web hosting with unlimited domain hosting, FREE web site, FREE static IP address & FREE e-mail.
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Dial-up Internet
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Fast, reliable internet for 56k modem or ISDN. Unlimited free web space & free e-mail. Choose Anytime or our Pay As You Go service on either 0845 604 3070 or 0845 604 3080.
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Domain name registration from only �99 per year at our Get Dotted site. Easy to buy, domains can become valuable. Available with free domain hosting, e-mail & web space.
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500 fun e-mail addresses to choose from. Absolutely free for any UK resident. Pick your name for a free email or web address e.g. [email protected]. Be who you want to be!
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Freeola Gameaday
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Browse our massive database of game cheats and walkthroughs, or enter our great competition to win £30 - every day! It's easy and fun to take part, and absolutely free of course.
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Customer Service
free dial-up access
At Freeola, we pride ourselves on offering top-class customer service with our in-house support department. Unlimited free support with phone lines open 7 days a week.
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what our customers say...
Many thanks!
You were 100% right - great support!

OK - I have been searching for a while for a cheap, good all round ISP which includes: domain names, unlimited web space, NO BANNERS, CGI access etc - and I have found it! My search is over and I am HAPPY! has GetDotted which is a great (very good value) domain name seller. You can host it for free on their server and you get unlimited space without banners or ads of any sort.

Seriously guys, I've been having a load of rubbish with my other provider for ages now, resulting with barely any webspace (50megs), no pop3 anymore and no site admin, as it's on port 200000 which is blocked on my network. Knowing this makes me appreciate you even more. Sure I've had problems in the past with you, and when you demerged from Special Reserve, I was worried. But my, my, my you showed me. You're better than ever. Your control panel rocks. When my domains expire on my rubbish reseller - they are coming to you. Please keep it up. So stable too.

You make it easy!
Hello there. I am just writing to say 2 weeks ago I knew very little about being on the net. In fact nothing! I read an advert for GetDotted and I now own 6 Domain names. I have 2 sites up and running on the net and I am probably in deep trouble with the wife spending all my time here but it's brilliant. Thank you. You make it easy. It needs to be 'cause I'm no rocket scientist.

My Problem Was Dealt With Immediatly!
Once I had contacted the support staff they began to deal with the problem immediatly and gave clear indication of the procedure. I felt as the fault did not lie with Freeola, they still gave great service and reported the status back to me, which was great! Thanks!

Thanks for that...
Worked like a charm, again proof why i continue using you guys for our ADSL connection and web hosting. Fixed in 10 mins flat!

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FREE unlimited webspace
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Easy management, changes & support
FREE easy-to-use customer centre
FREE customer support
7 DAYS A WEEK phone support
Unlimited free services are exclusive to Freeola internet customers, subject to terms of use which may vary, for use with Freeola500 free addresses or with domains registered at (or moved to) Get Dotted.
All calls to Freeola Support or Sales incur a standard national rate of 10p per minute. Pay as you go dial up connections enjoy local call rates from just 1p per minute.
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  Freeola is a UK internet service provider and offering the best value and extensive free services. Please compare our domain name registration prices or check out our UK high speed internet access. If you are in business please see examples of our free hosting at

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